Optimizing Supply  Chain Visibility with AI:

How to Start Training your Data to Drive Value

Monday 8th July, 2024
2:30PM PDT  |  3:30PM MDT  |  4:30PM CDT  | 5:30PM EDT                                

About the Webinar

Explore exciting topics related to the challenges faced by procurement teams and how AI can optimize your supply chain visibility, minimize cost, and enhance operational efficiency.

What You Will Learn

Data Quality is Paramount (GIGO)

Managing multiple data sources

How AI drives visibility and value across your supply chain

Demystify what AI means to you

How to leverage AI quickly and effectively

Unlock a Wealth of Our Speakers Insights

Simon Ellis

Chief Sales Officer

Leverages his deep financial expertise and RobobAI's innovative technology to transform supply chain complexity into actionable strategies to drive business success.

Nitin Upadhyay

Chief Data + Innovation Officer

He is the driver of industry-leading AI innovation. His procurement expertise positions him to architect technology to address the unique challenges faced by large organizations, empowering them to achieve value and success across their supply chain.

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